Belgium, 2001, Colour

Running Time: 15’

Production: AJC! (Brussels, Belgium)

Director and Photography: Ulrike Knorr

Editing: Olivier Moulin and Julien Helgueta

Shooting places: Thüringen (Germany)

Original Language: german

Subtitels: french

Format: 4:3

Beta SP

Sound: Mono



  • A border strip of about 5km width used to run along the eastern side of the former border between the two Germanies, to which entry was strictly prohibited for the general population. An area containing woods, fields, even small villages…. A place of symbolic meaning leaving its traces on people’s minds. The images of the film make up an imaginary stroll through these border landscapes. The soundtrack consists of anonymous stories referring to the East German era.


    - International First Night at the
      “International Documentary Festival of
      Marseille – Vue sur les Docs” (F)

    - “Instants Vidéos” at Manosque (F)

    - Festival « Filmer à tout Prix »,
      Brussels (B)

    - “In Court”, Taragona (E)

    - Barcelona (E)

    - at the inauguration of the “MK2 –
      Bibliothèque” in Paris (F)

    - Biennale de Liège (B)

    - “Kurzes im Kosmos”, Berlin (D)

    - Gallery „Anyway”, Berlin (D)

    - Kino im Sprengel, Hannover (D)

    - Kino Arsenal, Freunde der deutschen
      Kinemathek e.V., Berlin (D)