Belgium, 2002, Colour

Running Time: 53’

Production: Laterna Magica (Brussels, Belgium)

Coproduction: CBA (Brussels, Belgium)

Director and Photography : Ulrike Knorr

Editing : Luc Plantier

Music : Neven, Peter Claesen

Shooting Places: near Wrozlaw (Poland) as well as Dresden and Kriebethal (Saxony, Germany)

Original language: german

Subtitels: french

Format: 4:3

Beta SP

Sound: Mono



Republic of Weimar, Third Reich, War, Socialisme, Reunification…

The film is a journey through History, Germany's history as well as my grandparents' and even my own. It was shot in various areas which once had importance in our history, Germany's and also my family's. It brings together historical facts and personal testimonies, above all those of my grandfather, as well as contemplative landscape sequences of a rather photographic style.



- “Klimis”, Brussels (B)

- International presentation at the “Arles -
  International Festival of Photography” (F)

- Galery Anyway

- Extracts published in the book “Engagement”;
  at the “La Trame” Edition, Brussels (B)