Belgium, 2003, Colour

Running Time: 43’

Production: AJC ! (Brussels, Belgium)

Director and Photography : Ulrike Knorr

Editing : Luc Plantier

Shooting Places: Kübler und Niethammer Papierfabrik Kriebstein AG, Kriebethal (Saxony, Germany)

Original language: german

Subtitels: french and english

Format: 4:3

Beta SP

Sound: Mono



 Situated in Saxony in the former East Germany, the “Kübler und Niethammer Papierfabrik Kriebstein AG” used to be one of the country's major paper mills. Founded in 1856, it passed through time and survived the many upheavals of history. The film shows the feeling portrait of the mill and its workers today and their work problems.



- Belgian First Night screening in the hall of
  Espace Delvaux at “P’tit Ciné”, Brussels (B)

- “Klimis”, Brussels (B)

- Shortlisted for “Prix Henri Storck – the best 
  belgian documentary” and shown at the 
  Brussels Film Museum (B)

- International First Night at Nyon, the
  “International Festival of Documentary –
  Visions du Réel”, section “regards neufs”

- Presentation at the Cambre, Ecole National
  Supérieure d’Arts Visuels

- Two screenings during documentary press
  conferences, Brussels (B)

- Festival “Argos” in Brussels (B)

- Film week in Duisburg (D)

- “The Month of Documentary”, l’Image du Pôle
  in Orléans (F)

- ”Filmer à tout Prix” Brussels (B)

- ”Festival de Cinéma”, Liège (B)

- Kino im Sprengel, Hannover (D)

- Kino Arsenal, Freunde der deutschen 
  Kinemathek e.V., Berlin (D)